Next-Generation Sequencing

Sentebiolab utilizes the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) to provide next-generation sequencing services. The PGM sequencer is a bench-top system that utilizes semiconductor technology. It enables rapid and scalable sequencing. Ion Torrent Technology uses a large number of parallel semiconductor sensors to quantitate (in real-time) hydrogen ions released during DNA replication.

Compactly organized arrays of wells serve as reactors for millions of parallel reactions. Integrated fluidics enable the flow of reagents from these wells into the array of sensors. These unique fluidics, with the help of micromachinery and semiconductor technology, translates genetic sequence into digital data and can have an output of up to 2000 Mbs (318 chips). An average sequencing process takes about 2-3 hours.

Our lab provides the following services using Ion Torrent PGM and MiSeq next-generation sequencing platforms:

  • Amplicon Sequencing
  • Targeted Sequencing
  • Small RNA and miRNA Sequencing
  • Virus Typing
  • Microbial Sequencing
  • De Novo Sequencing
  • Bacterial Typing

Targeted Sequencing

Targeted sequencing is a quick and cost-effective alternative for whole genome sequencing. AmpliSeq™ technology allows researchers to quickly and easily amplify thousands of targets including gene panels from just 20 ng of sample DNA.

Small RNA and miRNA Sequencing

Cutting edge Ambion® RNA technology combined with Ion Torrent™ and Illumina MiSeq™ next-generation sequencing platforms enable researchers to explore a wide array of discovery opportunities.

Virus Typing

In addition to analysis of flu viruses using the Ion PGM system’s PathAmp™ FluA kit together with Pathogen Analyzer Plugin for Torrent Suite™, we can investigate whole genomes of different viruses and bacteriophages.

Microbial Sequencing & Bacterial Typing

With the Ion PGM system’s capabilities of increased data output, high accuracy and long reads, retrospective analysis of specific disease types, surveillance, outbreak and disease etiology are possible. In addition, the ION PGMTM system enables typing of bacterial species with high accuracy and precision by using sequence data from hundreds of genes.

  • 16S rRNA (metagenomics)
  • 18S (metagenomics)

De Novo Sequencing

Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing offers quick and low-cost de novo sequencing for microbial research.