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sentetik gen ve klonlama hizmeti
Synthetic Gene & Cloning

DNA Sequencing

Protein & Gen İfade Analizi DNA/RNA İzolasyonu Hizmetleri Mikrobiyal Kültür Hizmetleri 16s rRNA Bakteriyel Genotiplendirme Genom Mühendisliği Antikor & Enzim Mühendisliği

Laboratory Applications

DNA Probs

Oligonucletoide & Primers

We provide products and services in the areas of oligonucleotide & primers, molecular DNA probes, synthetic genes & cloning, DNA sequencing, protein synthesis, protein & gene expression analyses, SNP analysis, bacterial culture and phylogenetic analysis.



Our routine applications include genetic design & optimization, antibody & enzyme engineering, synthetic vaccines, and genome engineering; however, we can also develop new applications by using synthetic biology through collaborative research projects.

Our R & D projects have been funded by Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology; Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation of Turkey; and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and were successfully completed and commercialized.